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Cascade School District No. 5
Architect of Record
Turner, Oregon
James Street Station Seismic Rehabilitation
Woodburn Fire District #6
Woodburn, Oregon
Yamhill County
Miscellaneous Maintenance and Repair Projects
McMinnville, Oregon
Dutch Bros. West Woodburn Outlet
Woodburn, Oregon
Golden Valley Brew Pub and Restaurant
New Restaurant at Former Chili’s Restaurant Facility
Beaverton, Oregon
Scio School District 95
High School Wood Shop Dust Collection System
Scio, Oregon
Scio School District 95
Scio High School New Gymnasium
Scio, Oregon
Santiam Canyon School District 29J
Architect of Record
Mill City, Oregon
Clackamas County Sheriff's Office
South Substation Building Remodel
Oregon City, Oregon
Wilson Construction Company
Former Supreme Manufacturing Building Re-Purposing
Woodburn, Oregon
Belle Passi Memorial Mausoleum, Inc.
Site Utility Infrastructure Improvements and Mausoleum Addition
Woodburn, Oregon
Existing Building Change of Use/Occupancy
Building Permit Application Consulting Services
Canby, Oregon

Early  Childhood
Center, Cascade
School   District,
No. 5; Aumsville,


Tillamook  County
Meeting     Room;
Tillamook, Oregon

North  Park   Plaza
Shopping    Center Renovation;
Woodburn, Oregon

Fiber-Fab,  Inc. Warehouse, Showroom,
and  Offices;
Gervais, Oregon

Dickey Prairie
P.E., and
Food Service


Oregon Military Department Armory Transformation  Projects (Eight);   Statewide 
Department of Veterans Affairs - Renovate Supply, Processing & Distribution Area
(SPD): White City, Oregon
Cencast Corporation  New  Manufacturing  Plant/Site; Molalla,  Oregon
Marion County Work Release Center  HVAC and Renovation;  Salem, Oregon
Pringle Elementary School  Six Classroom Wing Addition;  Salem, Oregon

RSS ARCHITECTURE, P.C. has  worked on  projects  where the following  public agencies  were involved:  State Historic  Preservation Office,  State  of Oregon,  State  of  Oregon  Children’s  Services Division,  State of Oregon  Adult & Family Services Division, Clackamas County, Curry  County, Big  Horn County, Tillamook County, Crow Indian Tribe, Assiniboine & Sioux Indian Tribes, Oregon Department of  Energy, U. S. Department of Energy,  Bonneville  Power  Administration,  HUD, EDA, City of Coos Bay, City  of Springfield, City of  Bandon, City of Coquille, City of  Woodburn  Parks &  Recreation Department,  City of  Woodburn  Wastewater Treatment Plant, Port of Bandon, Bandon Rural Fire  Protection District, Silverton Fire  Department, Gervais School District, Lincoln County School District, Salem-Keizer  School  District,  Monitor  Elementary  School  District,  Cascade  School District, Aumsville School District, Rural  Dell Elementary  School District,  Dickey Prairie School  District, Tillamook  School District, Neah-Kah-Nie School  District, Beaver  School  District, MacLaren  School for  Boys (State of Oregon),  Oregon State  University, Scio School  District, Nestucca  Valley School District, City of Corvallis Parks & Recreation Department, Woodburn Rural Fire Protection District, City  of  Salem  Fire  Department,  Chemeketa  Community  College,  Multnomah County,  Yamhill  County, Central  Klickitat  County  Recreation  District,  Turner  Rural  Fire Protection  District, City  of La Grande, Tillamook County  Fair, City of Mt. Angel,  Mt. Angel  School  District, Yamhill County  Communications  Agency, Nestucca   Rural  Fire  Protection  District,   Yamhill  Education  Service  District,
City of Corvallis, and  Oregon Economic  Development  Department. 

New   City   Hall;

RSS ARCHITECTURE, P.C. provides basic Architectural Services  in five phases 
of professional participation in the Client's program, including the Engineering of normal structural, plumbing, heating, and electrical systems.

In the Schematic Design Phase RSS ARCHITECTURE, P.C. will: a) in consultation with the Client determine the general requirements of the project including space needs,  budget, time,  schedule,  site  feasibility  and  limitations,  availability  of utilities, effect  of  codes and ordinances;  b) develop  schematic design  studies consisting of drawings and other documents for the Client's approval,  illustrating floor plans, site plans, exterior views, and the relationship to other environmental influences;  c) prepare  an estimate  of probable  cost of construction  based on current area, volume or other appropriate unit costs.                                     

Upon approval by the Client of the preceding phase,  RSS ARCHITECTURE, P.C., in the Design Development Phase, will: a) prepare drawings and other documents to  fix  and  describe  the  size and  character   of  the  entire  project  area  to structural, mechanical, and electrical systems, siting, materials and appearances and such  other  essentials  as  may  be  appropriate;  b) submit  for  approval a further estimate of probable construction cost on the current unit costs referred to above as applied to the  final development of the design.                   

In the Construction  Documents Phase,  RSS ARCHITECTURE, P.C. will:  a) from  the approved Design Development Documents and for the further approval of the Client,  prepare working  drawings and  specifications,  setting forth  in  detail all necessary plans, elevations, construction details, mechanical and electrical plans and details, descriptions of materials and equipment,  methods of installation and standards of workmanship;  b) develop all required bidding information and assist the Client in preparation of bidding forms, the conditions of the contract and the form of agreement he will enter into with the contractor; c)  advise the Client of any adjustments to the previous estimates of probable construction cost, based on  unit  costs  referred  to  above,  which  might  be  indicated by  changes  in requirements or  general  market conditions;  d)  assist  the  Client  in  filing the required  documents for approval of  governmental authorities having jurisdiction over the project.

In the Bidding or Negotiation Phase RSS ARCHITECTURE, P.C.  will: a) assist the Client in obtaining bids or negotiated proposals; b) evaluate proposals and render advice on  the  selection  of  the  contractor;  c)  assist  in  preparation  of  the construction contract.            

In  the   Construction   Phase    of    Administration   of   the   Contract,     RSS ARCHITECTURE,  P.C.   will:  a)  provide  administration   of   the   construction contract, commencing with the award of the contract and terminating when final payment  is  made  to  the contractor;  b)  make  periodic  visits  to  the  site at intervals deemed necessary  by him to ascertain  the progress and quality of the work and  to determine  in general if  the work is  proceeding in accordance with the contract documents;  c) check shop drawings and samples submitted by the contractor; d)  prepare any supplemental drawings or large scale details  needed to clarify the contract drawings; e) advise and consult  with the Client, issue his instructions to the contractor; f)  check proposed costs of any modifications  to the contract and issue written change orders for the Client's signature; g) check the contractor's applications for payment and issue certificates  authorizing such payments; h)  endeavor  to guard the Client against  defects and  deficiencies in the  work  of the  Contractor, but  he  is  not  required  to  make  exhaustive  or continuous on-site  inspections  to check  the quality or quantity of the work  I)reject  work  which  does not conform  to contract  documents, and  require the Contractor  to stop  the work  whenever, in  his  reasonable  opinion,  it may  be necessary for the  proper  performance  of the contract; j)  issue certification to the client and contractor when  all terms of the construction contract  have,  to his satisfaction, been fulfilled; k)  conduct on-site observations to determine the dates of substantial and final completion, receive written guarantees and related documents assembled by the Contractor and issue a final certificate of payment.

In addition to the  Basic Services,  RSS ARCHITECTURE,  P.C.  can  perform the supplementary services listed below. If not stipulated in the Services Agreement, the  additional  charges for such  services  should  be  agreed  upon  before  the services are rendered.    
A)Special investigations and analysis of the client's needs and programming the 
requirements of the project. 
B)Provisions of financial  feasibility  studies,  planning surveys,  site  evaluations
or  comparative   studies  of  prospective  sites;   preparing   loan  or  funding
C)Full-time services of a project inspector (clerk of the works). 
D)Make measured drawings of existing construction.  
E)Revision  of  previously  approved  drawings  or specifications to accomplish.
changes not initiated by the Architect.    
F)Preparing the change  orders and  supporting  data  where the change  in the
basic compensation resulting from adjusted sum is not commensurate with the Architect's services required.  
G)Preparation of documents for alternate bids requested by the Client.
H)Provisions of detailed estimates of construction costs. 
I)Consultation and services made necessary by damage due to fire or other
causes, default of the contractor, excessive construction time. 
J) Furnishing of reproducible as-built record drawings. 
K)Provision of services after final payment to the contractor. 
L)Provisions of interior  design and other  services  such as selection of furniture
and furnishings. 
M)Services as expert witness.   
N)Provision of services for planning tenant or rental spaces.

Golden Valley
Brew Pub
Beaverton, Oregon

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